Do you accept insurance?

YES! We accept Blue Cross Blue Shields insurance only. Also, there are different plans under this provider.Contact us today to learn if we are in-network with your plan.

Do you use a sliding scale for payment?

No, we do not.

What do you mean by “virtual services”?

With us being a completely virtual practice, we provide telehealth appointments via a HIPAA-compliant secure videoconferencing platform. So YES we will get to meet each other Face-To-Face … Virtually!

How long are sessions scheduled for?

Individual and couples counseling sessions are scheduled for 1-hour.

How frequently would we meet?

The frequency of sessions varies based on need.

Will I be diagnosed with a mental health disorder?

Not every person has a mental health disorder, therefore not every person requires a diagnosis. However, when using insurance to cover the cost of services, a mental health diagnosis is required. A discussion of potential diagnoses will be had with clients to inform them of the diagnosis, the rationale for the diagnosis, and the treatment plan to address the concerns associated with the diagnosis.

If you have any additional questions that may not be answered here, please