Courses & Workshops



Do you dread the holiday season because of eating & body image concerns? This webinar is for you!

Join us to create a plan to get you through this holiday that includes:

  • How to address restrictive, binging, and purging behaviors
  • How to manage negative comments from self and others
  • How to engage support systems
  • How to stay present when with family and friends

Legacy of Love Workshop

Using the PREPARE/ENRICH curriculum, this workshop is designed to help singles, dating/engaged/married couples:

  • Create healthy communication skills
  • Develop healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Develop and maintain lasting and fulfilling relationships
  • Develop increased insight of yourself and your partner
  • Understand cultural components that contribute to relational beliefs

If you are interested in attending or having this workshop for your friends, church members, community, or more, please contact us for more information.