Hey Ya’ll!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Legacy of Love Counseling & Wellness!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Sabrina Johnson, a small town girl with heart for healing. I am the CEO & owner of Legacy of Love Counseling & Wellness, LLC. I am a licensed professional & nationally certified counselor. My specialities include working with Black & Brown women who experience anxiety, depression, eating and body image concerns, and self development concerns. I also provide couples counseling including premarital and marriage counseling, and relationship maintenance.

Along with providing individual and couples counseling, I am currently working on my PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision. My research interests include multicultural training & how to best develop cultural humility characteristics for health care professions working with minority populations.


In the words of Queen Bey, life is your birth right, but why should it be hidden in the fine print? You are part of something much bigger, and taking the reins on your healing and walk to wholeness is one part of that.

I believe thatHealing is an act of unconditional love which requires transforming dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, and actions that no longer serve us, and once we do, we learn to love ourselves to life, creating a legacy that will manifest greatness across generations.

Also, I am a strong believer that we are the experts in our lives, but sometimes we need a little help figuring out how to own this role. When working with individuals and couples my goal is to help them get locked in to way of living that thrives on a solid foundation of unconditional love, insight, and empowerment so that they can create & experience the quality of life they desire & deserve to have.


The Black community is over-sick & underserved. At Legacy of Love Counseling & Wellness, we strive to promote and encourage wellness within the Black community by

Reducing Stigma

around mental health through education.

Restoring Hope

by providing support & culturally-sensitive care

Revitalizing Love

of self and others to create a lasting legacy of health, wealth, and wholeness.


  • To provide ethical, evidence-based, & culturally-sensitive services to Black Women & WOC.
  • To strengthen trust & relationships between minorities & health professionals.
  • To educate minority communities on mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, & financial wellness.
  • To reduce health disparities amongst Black women & within the Black community by using cultural humility to reduce cultural mistrust.

Engaging in counseling is a choice, as is making change. When working with me, I’ll strive to help you along your journey of change to create a legacy you’ll be proud of.