Who Am I?

Hey Ya’ll ! I am Sabrina Johnson, a small town girl with big town dreams. I am the owner & primary therapist at Legacy of Love Counseling & Wellness, LLC, & I have been a LPC for almost 4 years.

Along with providing counseling, I am currently working on my PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision, conducting research on cultural humility training & addressing eating disorders within the Black community.

My Philosophy?

My belief is that healing requires unconditional love. When you can give that to yourself then you can show yourself grace & start to make real change. I also believe that you are where your legacy start.

Since you are with yourself all the time, I believe that you are the expert on what you need, so when working with clients my goal is to help you establish a solid foundation of unconditional love in order to create space to explore and identify how to create & experience the quality of life you desire & deserve to have.


The Black community is over-sick & underserved. At Legacy of Love Counseling & Wellness, we strive to promote and encourage wellness within the Black community by

Reducing Stigma

around mental health through education.

Restoring Hope

by providing support & culturally-sensitive care

Revitalizing Love

of self and others to create a lasting legacy of health, wealth, and wholeness.


  • To provide ethical, evidence-based, & culturally-sensitive services to Black Women & WOC.
  • To strengthen trust & relationships between minorities & health professionals.
  • To educate minority communities on mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, & financial wellness.
  • To reduce health disparities amongst Black women & within the Black community by using cultural humility to reduce cultural mistrust.

Engaging in counseling is a choice, as is making change. When working with me, I’ll strive to help you along your journey of change to create a legacy you’ll be proud of.